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Cowboy Fast Draw at Blue Hill

Blue Hill was the first gun club in Maine to offer Cowboy Fast Draw, Right now we remain the only gun club with regularly scheduled monthly shoots.

Cowboy Fast Draw recreates the classic Hollywood "High Noon" gunfight. Participants dress up in Old West Costumes, and shoot wax bullets at large metal targets. When the light in the center of the target comes on, the shooters draw and fire. Basically, the shooter with the fastest hit is the winner.

The targets are controlled by a computerized timing system that registers each shooter's time. All pistols are old west style .45 caliber single action revolvers, and the wax bullets are propelled by only a shotgun primer. Because no live ammo is ever used, Fast Draw can be shot indoors and we shoot year round. This is the perfect sport for those who are new to firearms. The guns, while completely real, are the simplest to use. Because we use low velocity non-lethal ammo, there is no recoil and very little noise. With Fast Draw speed is the name of the game, so strength and stamina are not as important as reaction time. Fast reaction time comes with practice and experience. We have shooters in all time brackets, from slow to very fast. The competition between two slower shooters is just as exciting as watching the faster shooters compete against each other. Cowboys, Cowgirls and Young Guns can all compete against each other, but we usually have sufficient numbers to break up into classes for each.

This is also a great family activity, and we have many families, and spouses shooting with us. Since everything we do is highly supervised by our range officers, we can accommodate shooters as young as 8 - 10 (with parental attendance).

We hold our regular monthly matches on the Third Saturday of each month. We also hold a Christmas Social in December and host a New England Invitational State tournament each April. Once a year we put on a Youth Only Shoot and a Ladies Only Shoot.

We have experienced Fast Draw instructors to explain everything and assist new shooters. We always have available  guns, holsters and ammo for newcomers to use. First time shooters shoot free, all you have to pay for is lunch.

If this sounds interesting, come join us on the Third Saturday of each month. The regular match fee is $15.00 which includes Lunch. Non-shooter lunch is only $5.00. Visitors and guests are always welcome.

For more information contact Jon Sheets aka Woodbutcher at (207) 244-4165 or

Hope to see there. 

The Blue Hill Rifle and Pistol Club / Post Office Box 923

Blue Hill, Maine 04614-0923 USA